Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Love Holland

Words can NOT describe how happy I am about my birthday-holiday-month in Holland! I know I was very negative before but MAN I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! Must say it is mostly becoz of the nice summer weather. SUMMERTIME in Holland = Long bright days, hot but not steamy, summer breeze (fresh air!)

Its really amazing how well everything works out! I mean with our orange heroes in the world cup, it is so GREAT to be able to watch the matches in Holland with girlfriends, in pubs, with family, everybody dressed in orange, cheering loudly and even my dad became a beast! Too bad I didn't filmed him, it was hilarious seeing him jumping up and down like the young crowd at 'Museumplein', cheering 'HOLLAND' loudly and banging with empty Coca Cola bottles (coz he doesn't have a vuvuzela lol)

I have to leave in about a week and I really don't wanna go, but I know something great is waiting for me in HK, a new adventure! But until then: enjoy to the fullest coz its my birthday 15th of July! XD