Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Gotta say: I have this love/hate relationship with this country. The moment I left the aircraft, it was like deja-vu, I got this frustrated feeling, like I could feel something wrong is going to happen and there you go, it was indeed.

Last time when I went back to Holland I needed to wait TOO LONG for my bags at the belt, I thought. But nothing beats this time, waiting at the stupid belt for almost 1 whole hour, looking at the rubber band goes round and round and round but still no sign of my bags and no announcement and no one who has an answer!

I didn't want to give the baggage-girl hard time (coz I know how difficult it is in these kind of situations, when no information is given to you but you are expected to give information to your customers) but DAMN I was pissed! I feel sorry for the girl coz I didn't really want to bitch at her, however sometimes u just need to give some pressure so that ppl will finally get off their lazy ass and work! She eventually found out that the doors of the hold of the aircraft couldn't open,
that means we've waited there at the belt for Taylor Lautner (who'll never EVER show up) coz the bags will be send by the company to our home.

To make this day extra unforgettable, I somehow lost my phone. *YEAY! I finally can get away of this antique thing* This must be THE sign to buy myself a new phone but thinking about losing all my contacts, the memorable text messages, the important agenda notes is pretty sad =(

So I wonder, why does this all have to happen on day 1 of my holiday? Not to mention the 2hrs delay in the aircraft with NO aircondition equals 400 sweaty armpits! ***GROSS***

After negativity comes positivity, so some happy things of the day:
- clean fresh air of Holland, feels SO goood!
- sunny but not humid weather
- my family, living together, experiencing each others (bad) habits again
- haring with onions
- driving around in our super car (NOT!)
- bumping into girlfriends everywhere (so random)
- eating whatever I want to eat in our own snackbar
- spotting lots of tall (HOT!) guys
- licorice (YUMM)
- the spacious living room, bedroom, bath room, SPACE!
- dutch television

And I believe there'll be more happy and funny things to come this month!

......... The first happy thing has happened just now! (I'm not sure If I'm really THAT happy with it) I found my antique phone back '-.- it felt in another small bag inside my handbag

* S I G H * no comment ....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I said it

I said it, today. I didn't planned it, I didn't even knew I would see him today. But then the words just came out of my mouth: "I feel attracted to you." And now, what's going to happen now?

Friday, June 11, 2010


'Opportunities are for those who are ready'

I'm ready, I guess, otherwise I wouldn't get this opportunity. Things are finally working my way, and I've seriously waited for a long long period. But looking back, I feel like I needed this period to prepare myself, to make myself ready for what I was aiming for. It's difficult to score without having a goal in life and I'm finally making my vision, where I want to be, a reality.

This is the reality, nothing is impossible, so if you have a dream please go for it.

It's time to set a new aim for myself, something beyond what I am capable of. I want to achieve the unachievable . . .