Sunday, September 27, 2009


OMG, It's been a while since I've felt so sorry for myself. I was literally self pitying.

"You poor girl! Get up and be strong!"

But Why!? why me?! Why this way?! WhY?! "No one is gonna get ya, there won't be a Gu Jun Pyo to the rescue" (Gu Jun Pyo: hot guy from a Korean drama, who'll always be there for his girl when she needs him *sigh*)

So, what had happened to me today? It was my day off, so I thought let's go out and run! (Sporty right?!) Since I'm such a lazy ass, I was incredibly proud of myself putting on my dance shoe's (I don't have running shoe's) and go out for a run, WHICH! is an enormous wrong decision because I crashed down on the ground! I didn't fell, I CRASHED! I was only running for 5 minutes and I was already laying there on the ground! You must be thinking "What a retard!" Well yeah, I need to admit I'm quite clumsy =( but that's not a crime? *puppy eyes*

So two cyclists dropped by and asked if I was OK? and I remember all I said was: "shit, shit SHIT why is this happening to me? SHIT ... (looking at the guy) emmm I think I'm ok?!" but I wanted to shout: DUH CAN'T YOU SEE I AM NOT OK! I really couldn't think of something else than shit! 'Cause I really felt like I was in deep shit! All I worried about were the wounds! No scars please coz I already have too much of them and now I'm adding more! @%!$@^#*&^&*@%!$!!%^&#$!

guys were actually quite nice and left me a bottle of water to rinse off the blood. (BUT if they were REALLY nice they would've gimme a ride home isn't it? =P)

Thanks to my two friends (who I called when I was crying like a baby walking home =P) I'm ok now, I went to see the doctor to have a proper treatment, she cleaned my wound and it burned like hell! And becoz of this incident it made me realize that I really need to treasure what I already have at the moment. I'm thankful I only fell today and were not hit by a car or whatever. I'm healthy, I got my friends around me when I need them, I got my family's care, basically I got everything I need. (except for Gu Jun Pyo, lol) A big shout out to GOD!

God bless,
The retard

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've bought a guitar recently and I am SOOOO LOVING IT! I'm regretting why I didn't started earlier with this coz I wanna be as good as those bad-asses on youtube. They are so talented and I just got so inspired by them. You know, playing the guitar really makes me happy. I don't know why it is or what it is but I do feel so good, even though my fingers are like raped by the guitar and my wrist is hurting by every 'waving-move', the -soft- skin on my finger tops are seriously turned into -hard- skin! I also gotta say goodbye to my long nails =(

So I guess this is what you'll get when you wanna play a guitar and when you're playing it for almost every day in 2 weeks, your hand is gonna turn into granny hands (no offense to the granny's) But it's all worth it!

So I really hope this hard work will results in an own music video on youtube without insulting myself hihi, really need some support, so if you'll watch my video in the near future, don't compare me with the professionals and don't judge! Just laugh with me :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009