Monday, December 28, 2009

BYE BYE 2009 HELLO 2010!

2009 was an interesting year for me. A lot of things I've planned to do or expected to happen didn't happen and the things I didn't planned or expected did actually happen! (Should I be happy with that? I don't know)

It really felt like riding on a roller coaster this year, I went up and down and up and down again and man it was a fast ride! It feels like I'm only here for a couple of months but in fact, its already 1,5 year now. I'd said to myself,
I would only stay at this company for a few months but it's been 1 year and a few months now. Who'd know I would stay at this company for this long? Ah well, it was a great time and I've learned a lot but I'm determined I'm gonna say 'byebye' in 2010! Gonna be very excited and insecure at the same time for my career ...

I feel I've grown so much in this year. I made up my mind for a lot of things in life. I know what my goals are, I'm starting to know what I want and what's important in life. Everything is and will be ok as long as you don't lose yourself. I say: Keep working o
n yourself and believe in yourself and you'll achieve!

I want to thank God who has never let me down even when I've turned my back to Him for so many times. I feel and see He is with me all the time. He made things happen in my life and thanks to these happenings I've become the person I am today. Lord, I love you! I'm so grateful!

I thank my family who has unconditional love for me. They are my #1! We all are so different but together we are a perfect family! Well, I think we do have a thing in common and that is our retardness, our idiotic humor: "ja haar, dunne jaar, beweeg stop, kunnen vlag, moe
dervlek ruikt lekker" LOL ok that's an insider! It's indescribable how proud, grateful I am to have them as my family. I love and miss you guys!

I thank my friends who were there for me through thick and thin! Ya'll know who you are! I can't describe how thankful I am to have you guys! Thanks for the care (especially when I'm drunk lol), the patience to listen to my dramatic stories, I know I'm a drama queen and an idiot at the same time but I just can't help it! hihi I love ya'll! and
I hope ya'll will love me back ;)

So what are my resolutions for 2010? Lose weight? haha ;) that's like an ongoing mission (impossible)

I wish everybody a happy and healthy new year!
May all your dreams come true in 2010!

God bless

Monday, December 14, 2009


I just want to say to this 5 years old Japanese kid: I'M YOURS!

I am totally in love with him, he's so talented!
*mad love* RESPECT

Sunday, November 22, 2009


It took me one hour to write this post yesterday and when I clicked on 'Publish Post' the site went error! ARGHHHH ^$%#$@!$%@!#&% bummerrrrr*

- Today (that means yesterday, u still get it?) I realized that carrying out a ground handling service agent requires tons of patience. I mean I knew it before but seriously after today's experience, I'd have to say to those who have worked here for over 10 years, one word 'respect'! And I'm starting to be more proud of myself, being able to stand all these crazy people traveling!

I started today at 05.30 AM, my earliest shift ever was 03.45 AM @_@, can you imagine? Usually I'm still clubbing around these hours! It's insane but the passengers traveling are more insane! A Chinese woman on our flight today, left a bag with 3 necklaces of Cartier worth 300.000,- HKD in the public toilet! When she got on the plane she suddenly gets crazy and said she has to go back and find her bag! (DAMN WOMAN! Flight delayed)

This happened earlier in the morning; an Indian guy had to land in HK but he lost his travel pass
(a type of Visa to stay in HK for 2 months) and only got his passport. It was a man around the age of 35 but I think he has the IQ of a 4 year old! I asked him: "Are you here for work sir?" The Indian guy: "NO, I'm here for business!" (HAHAHA ROFL, EXCUSE ME! please someone, what's the difference?!)

Then he insisted me to escort him to the immigration to explain to the immigration officer that he'd lost his travel pass, oh wait I have to correct myself, he told me he left the travel pass at home (STUPID!) but his English was actually quite understandable, so I really don't see why I have to assist him to the immigration, but OK fine I did what I had to do, we went to the immigration, he queued up (it was a freaking long queue, there goes my breakfast!) and I stood there to wait for him to approach a counter, so I can tell the officer what the situation was like (he could use his own mouth and talk right?) and so the officer could sort the problem out with the guy (why am I still standing there?) Such a waste of MY time!

And when I thought I was about to finish work (fyi, this happened all on the same day) the office assigned me to handle a case of 2 Taiwanese woman who missed their connection flight @_@ the nasty thing is, they already had problems with their ticket on their way from Frankfurt to Hong Kong and now they are having more issue with their tickets coz they missed their connection flight to Taipei. It's kinda complicated I'll spare you the story coz it took me 1,5 hour to understand their case with the tickets but that's fine because I wanted to help them out but the thing was one of them is a freaking biaaatch and she behaved as if she is the queen or something! She started to yell in my face, said it wasn't her problem, that I've got her in this situation, she wanted her money back, she wanted a refund (of a ticket she has flown with, please explain to me how you can refund something if you've already used it DAHHHH!) She wanted to know my name, she wanted my phone number so she can call me whenever she can't get her money back, I tell you, that woman is INSANEEEEEEEE! It took me 3 hours to sort the problem out, you bet I was damn tired after work -_-

The airport ... this place is sick!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I was wondering if these words are connected to each other? The weather in Hong Kong has decreased to only 12-17 °
C for the last few days and I turned into a lonesome woman since then (damnn what a drama lol).

A friend of mine told me once, its okay to be single but once its getting colder and closer to Christmas, you gonna feel alone, you gonna feel like you want someone. I didn't agreed with him because I thought it has nothing to do with each other, I mean think about it, its kinda stupid right? I'm stil
l confused and don't know if it is my homesickness, or that Christmas is coming closer or that I really miss a man ;)

Christmas is getting closer and this feeling wanting to celebrate it home with my family and my church is growing bigger and bigger. I really wish to celebrate Christmas at home, its been almost 2 years now that I've been gone. Two Christmas' not celebrating at our own church, no performances, no stage play, no brainstorm session, no rehearsals, no singing, no dinner together. Gosh I miss that badly! I still remember I was so stressed out for the Christmas stage play, coz I was responsible for the production. From the story, the script till the acting, dancing, decor and so on and oww how I miss doing that!

stage play 2007, me with the sheeps

Back in the years with my sister and wingkit at church (oh my gosh I had brown dyed hair and braces! l.o.v.e.l.y NOT!)

Friday, November 13, 2009


This guy is so talented and is such a great inspiration for everybody who loves music. I absolutely love his video's and his music! Check it out, one word: ITS AMAZING!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's almost been 8 months now since I've seen my family in Holland. Gosh I miss them so much at this moment! I think I'm having some real homesickness =( But knowing that they'll come to visit me in February makes me ^___^

I'm out of Holland's peanut butter!!

but luckily my girl Mindy is gonna bring me some =)

Calve, peanut butter, the best there is!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I am waiting for an opportunity and
when it comes across my path,

I need to be ready for it and
until then I need to prepare myself

I'm working on it and
I pray I won't have to wait that long anymore . . .

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Christine, a sweetheart I met in Shanghai! I haven't seen her for a year now but we finally got reunited!


and after

Love you babe!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am ready for LANGKAWI!

But the weather is not!

Weather Forecast
Issued at 16:00 (Local time) 17 Oct 2009
Date Temperature oC Weather
Minimum Maximum
18 Oct
( Sun )
25 32 RAIN
19 Oct
( Mon )
25 32 RAIN
20 Oct
( Tue )
21 Oct
( Wed )
25 32 NO RAIN
22 Oct
( Thu )
25 32 NO RAIN

Saturday, October 10, 2009


So here it is! My very first Youtube video with my guitar! Its not perfectly played and sang yet but whateverrrr. It's just so much fun! I'm loving it and I hope you'll like it =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I want a youtube video but my voice and my guitar skills doesn't work with me!! *frustrated*

Monday, October 5, 2009


Also known as The Moon Festival and quite a big happening here in Hong Kong. We never really celebrate it in Holland which is a good thing in my opinion, coz its nothing than another damn excuse to eat a lot and get FAT!

I went to my granny for dinner on this "special" day because family has to gather together to celebrate and she's just so adorable, prepared way too much food of course but for some reason we always managed to finish "almost" everything =) Hope you guys had a happy Moon-Festival too!

The moon was indeed at its fullest and roundest

Granny is preparing and i started with the peanuts already =)

The dog is bored -_-

Having mooncake and other stuff

Saturday, October 3, 2009



It has almost been a year now, working at Hong Kong International Airport as a customer service agent. I never in my life have thought I would do this kind of job. There was actually a period that I was so shallow and looked down on it because I felt I was way better for this stupid job. And I think just because of this attitude, God planned me to get this job and let me experience it. I loved it and hated it but the most important thing is that I've learned. I've learned to never look down on anything or anybody because everything in life has its own value. Every single person has their own story, when you don't know, you don't judge. Even when you do know, who are you to judge?

Here some happy moments of my life at the airport =)

Never mess with me at the boarding
gate coz trust me, I'll slap you!

Hello, Konnichiwa, Goedendag, Bonjour, An nyoung ha se yo, Gutentag, Ni Hao!


Have a nice flight!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


OMG, It's been a while since I've felt so sorry for myself. I was literally self pitying.

"You poor girl! Get up and be strong!"

But Why!? why me?! Why this way?! WhY?! "No one is gonna get ya, there won't be a Gu Jun Pyo to the rescue" (Gu Jun Pyo: hot guy from a Korean drama, who'll always be there for his girl when she needs him *sigh*)

So, what had happened to me today? It was my day off, so I thought let's go out and run! (Sporty right?!) Since I'm such a lazy ass, I was incredibly proud of myself putting on my dance shoe's (I don't have running shoe's) and go out for a run, WHICH! is an enormous wrong decision because I crashed down on the ground! I didn't fell, I CRASHED! I was only running for 5 minutes and I was already laying there on the ground! You must be thinking "What a retard!" Well yeah, I need to admit I'm quite clumsy =( but that's not a crime? *puppy eyes*

So two cyclists dropped by and asked if I was OK? and I remember all I said was: "shit, shit SHIT why is this happening to me? SHIT ... (looking at the guy) emmm I think I'm ok?!" but I wanted to shout: DUH CAN'T YOU SEE I AM NOT OK! I really couldn't think of something else than shit! 'Cause I really felt like I was in deep shit! All I worried about were the wounds! No scars please coz I already have too much of them and now I'm adding more! @%!$@^#*&^&*@%!$!!%^&#$!

guys were actually quite nice and left me a bottle of water to rinse off the blood. (BUT if they were REALLY nice they would've gimme a ride home isn't it? =P)

Thanks to my two friends (who I called when I was crying like a baby walking home =P) I'm ok now, I went to see the doctor to have a proper treatment, she cleaned my wound and it burned like hell! And becoz of this incident it made me realize that I really need to treasure what I already have at the moment. I'm thankful I only fell today and were not hit by a car or whatever. I'm healthy, I got my friends around me when I need them, I got my family's care, basically I got everything I need. (except for Gu Jun Pyo, lol) A big shout out to GOD!

God bless,
The retard

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've bought a guitar recently and I am SOOOO LOVING IT! I'm regretting why I didn't started earlier with this coz I wanna be as good as those bad-asses on youtube. They are so talented and I just got so inspired by them. You know, playing the guitar really makes me happy. I don't know why it is or what it is but I do feel so good, even though my fingers are like raped by the guitar and my wrist is hurting by every 'waving-move', the -soft- skin on my finger tops are seriously turned into -hard- skin! I also gotta say goodbye to my long nails =(

So I guess this is what you'll get when you wanna play a guitar and when you're playing it for almost every day in 2 weeks, your hand is gonna turn into granny hands (no offense to the granny's) But it's all worth it!

So I really hope this hard work will results in an own music video on youtube without insulting myself hihi, really need some support, so if you'll watch my video in the near future, don't compare me with the professionals and don't judge! Just laugh with me :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009