Friday, November 12, 2010

Life is not fair ...

... so please, just take life as it is ...

Stop complaining, stop whining, it's not that you're gonna get the problem solved with it. I need to admit tho, it feels AWESOME sometimes to have conversations like this with the girls:
"I don't have a dress for tonight! I'm sure I'll bump into a hot guy at LKF tonight! I need to look EPIC!" thus "I need to shop but I don't have the money!!!" So "Damnn I hate my job, this shitty salary and having so many day off's makes me spend even more money!"

It doesn't make any sense right?
'What is your problem girl?'

Everything happens for a reason, it sounds cheesy but I do think its true, so what if your boyfriend has cheated on you? There must be someone else out there who'll treat you even more better! (Tip: stay hot tho)

Maybe you're clueless now and u dunno what to do with life. Well soul searching is such a nice explanation for traveling around the world, meeting new friends, surfing on the internet days & nights, go out and have some fun coz you need inspiration right?!

And when you're feeling like a piece of sh*t just remember: 'what doesn't break you makes you stronger!' In the future the greatest stories to tell are those when you were down, you'll be laughing then =)

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